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Georgia’s 4th Congressional District needs improved infrastructure for economic development. We need
a congresswoman who’s willing to work with state and county governments to increase the availability of resources and business opportunities for our low-performing economic areas. This economically diverse district needs new leadership that will connect with constituents and increase federal engagement of resources for small business owners. This district needs a leader that will open the doors to interstate and international business opportunities to boost job creation and increase capital for our district's economy.


How we educate our youth directly impacts the quality of our community. Our schools are in need of funding to improve the quality of education. Federal funding addresses a wide range of our school's needs including improvements for low performing schools and special education. Special education affects behavioral and mental disabilities including: ADHD, Autism, Developmental Delay, etc; as well as gifted students who need to be challenged in school in order to thrive. We need to increase funding for after school programs and summer grants for student jobs and internships that will boost student confidence and increase their interest and access to future careers. We also need a congresswoman willing to fight for free two-year technical degrees and trade schools to give students a path to success that doesn’t involve traditional four-year colleges. It's time to elect a new congresswoman who’s willing to address these needs of our youth in Washington.


Our district is in need of federally funded affordable housing.  We are seeing an increase in motel occupants, sometimes entire families with children.  It is time for  a NEW congresswoman willing to address affordable housing on the federal level. It's time for NEW leadership willing to look into rent control policies and grants for the homeless to ensure that our low income families, seniors, disabled and recovering have access to affordable housing with programs to keep that housing.  


Our veterans spend years putting themselves in harm’s way to keep our country safe, only to come
home and find that they can not get a job, find a place to live, and get the help they need to successfully
re-enter civilian life. The growing population of homeless veterans is an unacceptable consequence of
inadequate and under-utilized federal programs. We need to elect a congresswoman who will work
to improve the quality of life for our veterans by reevaluating and updating our current laws meant to
address their needs. We should never leave behind those that have served our country.


As an African immigrant myself I understand the system and know the difficulties of gaining U.S. Citizenship and how the lives of the families are affected. CD4 needs improved regulations on amnesty for undocumented immigrants and their humane living conditions, and asylum seekers need adequate processing to alleviate the fears of the current immigration system as well.

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